Tide Pools


Alma Point Apartments, Foster City CA,
in conjunction with Midpen Housing.

Ceramic, glass, handmade fish tiles, misc found objects

The stoic seagull, prehistoric-looking turtle, flowing sailboat, colorful fish, and swirling tide pools are representative of the lifestyle and recreation in and around Foster City. When residents of the apartment complex spend time out on their patio, alongside the mosaic, they’re reminded of the natural and peaceful
surroundings in Foster City, close to the San Francisco Bay.

We commissioned Delaine Mosaics to complete a two-story-tall mosaic art piece on a building exterior overlooking a podium-level outdoor courtyard at Alma Point at Foster Square, an affordable senior community developed, owned, and operated by MidPen Housing in Foster City, CA. Delaine was very professional and a pleasure to work with and was able to work within our budget to design a stunning addition to the building. She provided two initial designs that were whimsical and cheerful while also touching on themes found in the surrounding community and worked with us and our architect as we adapted them to fit our visions and needs. The installation process was equally as smooth and the mosaic pieces are a major focal point of the community.

Sarah McIntire, Project Manager
MidPen Housing