Sarah and Earl’s Step

2018, San Francisco CA

Made with ceramic and glass and based on a design created by the client.

Earl and I redid the front of our house, which included a round concrete ‘pad’ at the base of our front steps. For this, we always envisioned a mosaic, and Earl made a design for it based on a Moorish tiled floor he saw in a book. So, we had the design on paper but had no idea how to put it into reality. Then I met Delaine when I volunteered to help restore a mosaic wall in our neighborhood, and we showed her our idea. She put it together in no time, with great colors and the intricate design we had chosen. She laid out and attached the small tile pieces onto a flexible mesh backing so she could do most of the work in her studio. When she brought the parts over, they were kind of like pieces of a pie – so she attached them onto the step in one day and came back the next day to grout the whole area. We’ve enjoyed this entry into our home for over 3 years. now, so eye-catching and it has also been easy to maintain. We are completely happy with it and also happy to have Delaine as a new friend!

Sarah Young San Francisco, CA